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LifePak 12 HighPak Battery (2.8 Amp)



 The LIFEPAK 12 Battery Solution
Maintenance Free/Conditioning not required! No memory affect. So, when you charge HIGHPAK, they will charge all the way up to their capacity.
Incredibly Long Shelf Life … assuring you of battery power when you need it! Loses under 10% of its capacity per year on the shelf! So, you will only need to charge these batteries after you use them.
Charge using the MBSS Mobile Battery Charger firmware version 4.1 or higher Programmer Battery (PN: 8210-0007) needed to upgrade older MBSS’s and those supplied by Physio to Ver 4.1. Not compatible with Physio BSS2 Charger or Aux Power Supply.
Light Weight: 4.8ah HighPak only 20 ounces; 2.8ah HighPAk only 14 ouncesl; Physio’s 2.4Ah NiCd: 26 ounces
 Operating Times with Two Batteries
4.8ah – 10hours
2.8ah –5 hours
Smart Battery
Pushing the battery button will provide you with an LED display of the current charge:
4 LEDs = Capacity 76% - 100%
3 LEDs = Capacity 51% - 75%
2 LEDs = Capacity 26% - 50%
1 LEDs = Capacity 11% - 25%
1 LED Blinking = Capacity <10%